Professional sommelier services

Looking for an elite wine, unavailable in the free market, which is difficult to find on the world market?

You hit the right place. I can help you!

I will arrange the delivery of wine to order.

I work on a 100% prepayment (includes delivery, paid after approval of the price and delivery time).

The maximum delivery of alcoholic beverages from Europe does not exceed a month, unless you are looking for a very rare pearl, the delivery of which may take a little more time.

Why work with me

  • Express your opinion regardless of the brand.
  • I work throughout Europe.
  • I am engaged in the best world wines, only High Quality from trusted sources.
  • I have extensive experience in the exclusive wine sector for making great wine collections.
  • I offer the best prices by entering the open market and auctions.

How it works

You leave a request, I am looking for wine for you, we negotiate the price and delivery time.

You calmly go about your business, while your wine is sent to you under the reverent control of the pros.

Voila! — you have wine!

  • Find the right wine
    Exclusively individual approach no patterns, find something what exactly you need!
  • Compilation of wine collections
    I consult in the selection and making wine collections And cellars from expensive, prestigious and rare wines!
  • Delivery of wine to the door!
    I will arrange a ransom and premium wine delivery throughout the EU to your door!
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About me

My goal is for you to truly enjoy the wine you buy.

Due to the fact that I am in Saarland, all significant winemakers are a few hours away by car.

Personal acquaintance with winemakers allows you to buy wine first-hand, which provides the best prices and guaranteed quality.

Close communication with European Masters of wine allows you to always be aware of the most fashionable wine trends.

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