Wine from Domaine de la Romanee Conti (DRC)

Wine from Domaine de la Romanee Conti (DRC)

The rarest, most expensive and often the best wine in the world.

If you hold a bottle of this wine, and this “if” is really a big “if”, then you have in your hands the most aristocratic and intense example of that very famous Burgundy wine.

DRC wine is the quintessence of the very real Pinot Noir that you can imagine, elusive, multifaceted and thin as silk! Probably the best, but also the most expensive Pinot Noir in all of Burgundy.

DRC's Pinot Noir is not only divine nectar, but also a plank for the whole of Burgundy, to which winemakers from the whole world are striving.

DRC Domaine has one premium-class Vosne Romanee Premier Cru wine, which was produced only three times (1999, 2002, 2004) and 8 slopes of the Grand Cru category:

  • Corton Grand Cru (2.27 ha)
  • Echezaux Grand Cru (4.67 hectares)
  • Grands Echezaux Grand Cru (3.53 hectares)
  • Montrachet Grand Cru (0.68 ha)
  • Richebourg Grand Cru (3.51 hectares)
  • Romanee St.Vivant Grand Cru (5.29 hectares)
  • La Tache Grand Cru (6.06 hectares)
  • Romanee Conti Grand Cru (1.81 ha)

The last two are monopoly!

DRC and Montrachet are considered the most popular Burgundy because of the small volumes of wine produced, and therefore fakes often appear on the market, and the prices of these wines soar to the skies!

Drink good wine!

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