Wine Produttori del Barbaresco

Wine Produttori del Barbaresco

Winery Producertori del Barbaresco — symbol of Barbaresco

In 1894, Dominício Kavazza, the head of the Royal School of Oenology in Alba and the resident of Barbaresco and 9 winegrowers united and created a cooperative in which the modern style of Barbaresco was born. The cooperative was closed in the twenties due to the economic crysis, and only in 1958, thanks to the efforts of the parish priest, Fiorino the Produttori del Barbaresco cooperative revived and began to produce wines again.

Today, this exemplary cooperative, one of the best in Italy, has more than 50 members and almost 100 hectares of Nebbiolo vineyards, most of which are located in the Cru Barbaresco vineyards.

Barbaresco wine is a blend of Nebbiolo harvests from various vineyards. In the most successful years, wine is produced from 9 of the best vineyards (cru): Asili, Rabai, Pora, Montestefano, Ovello, Montefiko, Mokagatta and Rio Sordo. In such cases, the label must additionally indicate the name of the family and the number of bottles released.

In just one year, Produttori del Barbaresco produces about 420,000 bottles: about 40% of Barbaresco, 40% of Barbaresco from a single vineyard and 20% of Nebbiolo Lange. In accordance with the standard, wine is ripened for 3-4 years before bottling in old wooden barrels.

A copy of 1992. Blame is 26 years old. An open bottle stood for 5 hours. Color noble, brick-red. Adult, full-bodied, deep wine with complex smells of tobacco, sweet cherry, anise, smoke and spices. The taste is warm, velvety, with tones of ripe red cherries, ground pepper, minerals and leather. The finish is long, tart.

Traditionally it will be wonderful with game, meat, poultry.

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